Come in close...

Born under the Southern California sun to a musician and an artist, my two sisters and I had little hope of escaping the artist’s journey. My first passion was singing, which grew its own legs and as a teenager, and young adult I traveled the world performing as a recording artist.

After a whirlwind ride, I planted roots in San Francisco, married my love, went to grad school to become an occupational therapist working with children, and then built a family of my own. I have always loved capturing moments, in photographs, songs, and poetry. In my early twenties, my camera became a close companion, another portal to making art, but this time allowing me to stay behind the veil after years of being so seen.

Bringing my two girls (and 8 years later, my son) into the world exploded my passion for photography, knowing how impossibly fast they seemed to change and how deeply I wanted to keep the memories. But I wanted those memories as they truly were authentic, emotional, messy, and imperfectly beautiful. That’s when I found my voice as an emotive photographer using unposed, organic, and artistic.

It is my honor to capture the moments that tell your rich and beautiful story. 

We are given moments. This one, perhaps the next, Our lives are a phenomenal golden thread weaving from breath to breath, taking root only in this very instant. What story will you tell with your moment?