Intimate San Francisco Elopement | Erica & Jessie

San Fran City Hall Elopement

While every wedding and love story is special, there is something so intimate and unique about elopements. Erica and Jessie exchanged vows and an incredibly private ceremony at city hall with only their matchmaker and best friend and attendance and I had the honor of photographing this chapter of their love story.

Their Story

Erica & Jessie’s story began in San Francisco where they met by happenstance.  They’ve been in a deeply loving relationship for many years with intentions of formalizing their commitment to one another.  However, like so many other  couples in recent years, life got in the way and they had to wait a beat for the wedding of their dreams.


The day finally came and I had a front row seat to the beginning of what is sure to be a beautiful, happy marriage. Like so many of us, they were nervous to have their photo taken. I assured them that I would guide them for the most comfortable, memorable experience possible and they quickly relaxed.  


This couple absolutely blew me away with their vulnerability.  Spend two minutes in a room with them, and it’s blatant how committed they are to each other.  They love unabashedly and it came across beautifully in their photos.  Considering the nerves surrounding being the subjects of my work, I was genuinely impressed at how natural they were for their photos.

San Francisco Ceremony

We spent the afternoon together at Sutro Bath Ruins, part of Golden Gate National Recreation Area, snapping away images of the glowing newlyweds.  Surrounded by gorgeous, colorful blooms, Erica & Jessie laughed and smiled in celebration of their nuptials.  While lengthy guest lists can be fun, I could write volumes about the joy that comes with an intimate elopement.  With no added pressure of mingling with friends & family, they were able to soak up every blissful moment of their wedding day, just the two of them.


It was such a gift to be invited into such a joyous, personal day with this amazing couple.  Together, we were able to capture the remarkable love they share during their intimate San Francisco elopement and I was able to deliver heirloom photos for them to enjoy and look back on for years to come.


Erica & Jessie, thank you for allowing me to be a part of such a personal milestone in your relationship.  I have no doubt that the happiness you experienced this day will continue for many, many years.  Congratulations on your marriage and I wish you all blessings as you embark on this journey together.


If you are getting married in the California Bay area, I would love to talk with you and bring your vision to life!

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