Nicoletta’s Birth – Santa Rosa California

Of all the milestones I get to be present for as a photographer, birth sessions have to be the most rewarding and fulfilling. It was an absolute honor to be present to photograph Nicoletta’s labor and delivery alongside her husband, Ben, for the birth of their third baby. It was an unforgettable experience and I am so pleased with the raw emotion that comes across in the photos.

I’ve been awaiting the phone call that the baby was on the way and it finally came.  I met Nicoletta and Ben at Kaiser Permanente Santa Rosa and we settled in for the journey that laid ahead. Birth sessions can be unpredictable, emotional, and just altogether unique and unforgettable experiences. It’s not lost on me that mothers like Nicoletta choose to invite me into some of the most intimate, life altering moments they may ever experience

A Fierce Mama

When I think of how Nicoletta handled herself throughout this entire experience, one word immediately comes to mind: warrior. It was an amazing experience to see her ride the waves of contractions and push through to bring a precious new life into the world. She trusted her body to do what it was made to do from start to finish and she made it look easy!

Ben was the supportive husband that everyone hopes to have when you’re in the thick of labor and delivery. At times, he was her comic relief, lending a laugh when it was needed. Others, he was a rock for her to lean on as she pushed through the all-consuming contractions. He was a tremendous support for his wife as she worked tirelessly to bring Rush earth-side. 

The Birth Golden Hour

The first few moments immediately after birth are some of my favorites to capture. Nicoletta labored fiercely and the relief washed over her as they placed sweet baby Rush upon her chest for the first time. She and Ben marveled at his precious little features and soaked in the golden hour with their newborn as I snapped away.

No matter how many times I see this, it never becomes any less emotional for me. Mothers are strong, fierce, &  empowered while also being gentle and nurturing. The contrast is a sight to behold. There’s nothing else on the planet like it!

Baby Rush was born with a true knot in his cord, a rarity according to Nicoletta’s excited midwife.  If you look closely at the photo of the umbilical cord and the placenta, you can see it!   Photos of this are important to me to capture because of the significance the  cord has.  For 9 long months, that was Rush’s life source, connecting him to his mother as he grew.  Isn’t pregnancy amazing?

I can’t say it enough, Nicoletta & Ben, thank you for inviting me into the delivery room for the birth of your adorable baby boy.  Congratulations on your new little guy joining your amazing family.  He’s in good hands.

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