Collage of photos in studio with guitar and smoke

Storytelling Creative Session | Patrick


Every session I shoot is a story within itself but this one was especially unique.  Patrick approached me about doing a creative session to celebrate the completion of his memoir, and I couldn’t have been more excited. 

Patrick’s Story


Patrick is a beautiful soul with whom I had the pleasure of singing in a band called Whirl Magnet when I was brand new to the Bay Area.  He’s an extraordinarily talented musician turned author who has bravely chosen to share his battle with addiction and mental health with the world.  It details his struggles & ultimately his perseverance which saw him through to the other side. 


Bay Area Artist 

With creative shoots like these, I make it my mission as a photographer to capture the essence of the artist in front of the lens. After discussing his goals and my vision for the project, we got to work. We shot the photos in the San Francisco Bay Area, a location near & dear to both of us.  Because the title of his book will be Caught In Mirrors, you’ll notice that a mirror is included in several of the shots.  We wanted the take away to be dark night of the soul, triumph over struggle, and strength of the spirit to fit the theme of his memoir.  


Artistic Photo Shoot

We came away with exactly the desired aesthetic with a bit of a moody edge and a very artistic feel to complement the artist in the photos.  The juxtaposition between the shadows and the sunbeams peaking through the glass became a beautiful metaphor for his journey through the darkness into the light.  I’m proud of the work both as a photographer and as someone who has had the pleasure of coming to know Patrick. 

I can only imagine the sheer amount of humility and determination it’s taken Patrick to be so open and honest about his journey.  When so many struggle in silence with addiction, I commend him for choosing to be an open book, pun intended.  Though his path has been challenging and certainly not without obstacles along the way, Patrick has conquered everything and hasn’t let it shake him.  

I’m so grateful and honored to be a part of such an important and sure to be impactful passion project.  Patrick, thank you for allowing me to photograph you!  I’m eager to read the finished product and hope that it brings awareness to such an important topic.  

Collage of photos in studio with guitar and smoke
Branding session with local San Francisco artist

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