I’m Holly. Soulful and emotive in spirit and photography. I’m  mama to two wild daughters and now a baby boy, musician, dreamer, and hopeless seeker of beauty in this world. Captured Moon is the expression of my deepest passion for preserving the poetry of the moment. My lens has been a portal to healing and connection for many years and it is my passion to share that with you.

Our lives are full of new adventures, seasons of change, joys and sorrows. The honor of telling your story artfully is food to my soul and I am forever grateful to get to bear witness to the most meaningful people and experiences in your story. 

"Don't you know yet? It is your light that lights the world."

"Thanks to Holly’s thoughtfulness and creative eye, we were able to capture one of the most precious chapters of our lives. We are forever grateful!"


Each of our stories is unique, so we will work together to create a beautiful tapestry of you and your loved ones. I offer a variety of packages, encompassing all fees.

“Holly has an innate way of capturing someone’s whole essence in a single photo. I’m in love with the photos she took of me”

Your story matters and there is beauty in it that deserves to be told artfully and with intention.



Reach out to me and let’s get to know one another and begin to shape the telling of your story.